Primary Care Update

“Trainer was absolutely great, very informative in a fun way. Learnt more on this course than previous courses” (PN York June 2019)

“Diane was very good at presenting the training. Engaging, relevant to audience. Excellent” (HCA York June 2019)

“This was a really well-presented course. Really enjoyed it” (HCA York June 2019)

“BEST COURSE EVER – THANK YOU!!” (PN York June 2019)

“Best imms and vaccs course ever attended. Fantastic” (PN York June 2019)

"Well presented, lots of real-life examples which is always helpful” Practice Nurse, York (Oct 2018)

“Excellent course leader, excellent resources” Practice Nurse, York (Oct 2018)

“Best training I’ve had in this area. Excellent” Substance Misuse Nurse, York (Oct 2018)

“Brilliant study day. The best immunisation training I have ever had. Thanks Diane”, Practice Nurse, York (Oct 2018)

“Always a good training session with Diane”, Practice Nurse, York (Oct 2018)

“Di is absolutely fantastic at delivery of content, made the day fun, informative and very interesting” Practice Nurse, York (Oct 2018)

"Really informative course, presented in a way that was easy to follow and applicable to practice" (Oct 2018)

"Di made a very  intense subject very easy to listen to. Very approachable to ask questions"   (Oct 2018)

"Di is a great  speaker and made what could be a difficult to follow subject interesting and  engaging" (Oct 2018

"Excellent   course. Diane you have made it very informative in a really fun way. I have learnt a lot. Thanks" (Oct 2018)   

"Di so so knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Very willing to answer questions and made it so interesting. Resources very useful and thorough. Would love for all of my colleagues to have been here too. Thank you so much" (Oct 2018)

"Very good speaker who is very knowledgeable in immunisations! Very good resources to take away as follow up from the study days" (Oct 2018)

"Excellent, entertaining and interesting course. New subject therefore lots to learn but comprehensive course materials will help" (Oct 2018)

"Very  informative. Pitched at exactly the right level. Very approachable trainer" (Oct 2018)   

"Interactive, current training and a trainer who makes learning much more interesting" (Oct 2018) 


 “Diane, the perfect balance of fun stuff to keep us awake, and lots of important information. Always learn something new”

Anna, MoD Nurse (May 2018)

“Very knowledgeable. Made the session enjoyable with a relaxed teaching style”

Marilyn, Senior Nurse (May 2018)

“Diane is very passionate about immunisations bringing a wide clinical knowledge base to her sessions making it relevant and engaging. Great update. Thank you”

Wendy, Clinical Lead Nurse (May 2018)

“As usual, a fun and informative session on immunisations. Would highly recommend”

Jenny, Practice Nurse (May 2018)

“Fabulous informative vaccination refresher course. Diane is up to date in her information and a fun presenter. Brilliant. Thank you”

Heather, Practice Nurse (May 2018)

“Excellent depth of knowledge. Professionally delivered. Fantastic update”

Lauren, Nursing Officer (May 2018)

“Always an enjoyable, but informative, session when Di is at the helm!”

Sheila, MoD Nurse (May 2018)